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Analyzed Yourself to Death With Not Much Progress to Show for it?

It’s Not Enough to Understand Your Patterns and Blocks on an Intellectual Level.

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Hypnosis is the most powerful tool for change known in the world today. As a hypnotherapist, I help people transcend self-limiting ideas and take control of their lives.

Alan ParkerAlan Parker
02:15 27 Dec 21
Anat has a knack for helping get to the core of an issue and effectively working on it. I recommend her highly!
Tough As NailsTough As Nails
12:17 22 May 21
I have been a client of Anat for almost a year now and have had several Past Life Regression sessions. My last session was extremely therapeutic for stress I was having from my job. Both of my daughters have also been to her for hypnotherapy with successful results. Would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Anat as she is an expert in her field.
Alexis DowlingAlexis Dowling
13:29 21 May 21
Profound! Amazing! Life changing!I’ve had the pleasure of having 2 sessions with Anat and they were both incredible. My first was a past life regression, and my second session was QHHT. Both experiences were absolutely amazing and I received some wonderful information. Anat is such a talented guide through the experiences and helped me navigate these worlds. I highly recommend Higher Choice Hypnosis! Anat is wonderful!
Norah RashidNorah Rashid
21:00 17 Jul 19
Anat is amazing. What she helped me achieve through her practices saved me from years of traditional counseling. Her techniques literally solved a lifetime of repetitive patterns that were debilitating my progress (financially, spiritually, professionally). I am learning to love life and myself again.. My children have also benefited from my progress from Anats work on me.I am advocate of having such healing implemented into our schools and work places. MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than Traditional couseling and results in much less time.
Chris MontoyaChris Montoya
15:13 07 Nov 18
Thank you Anat for the progress and work we’ve done together! You’ve helped me overcome some really big personal, professional and spiritual issues I’ve been struggling with for a long time and I’m moving fast forward into a life with more perspective, choice and possibilities I’ve never seen before!In fact, it’s your openness, your ability to navigate and help me zoom into the real issues and challenges that has helped me the most in working with you. I love that you have a strong focused analytical mind, patient demeanor and up to explore whatever comes up with an open mind and without judgment which is very important to me.What really surprised me about our work together is that I’ve overcome subconscious blocks in my earning ability, increased my self-worth and I’m now setting better personal goals and boundaries to have a better life - those are things we didn’t deal with directly, so I feel like I’ve received so many extra gifts from your services.I know you are doing great work for people in Albuquerque and I wish you continued success and healing you provide to clients!

MIND OVER MATTER – How would you like to use the power of your mind to achieve miraculous results?

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I’ve been a full-time hypnotherapist for over 15 years now. Some of the tools I use are hypnosis and NLP. And, like all tools, they are only as good as the hypnotherapist using them. And you will benefit from their use if you have the intention and desire to create real change.

Ever since I remember, I was always curious about life, the world, and what it all means…
I became a mechanical engineer because I wanted to understand how the world worked. I was focused on the external physical world. I thought if I learned and understood physics, I would understand the world. Mechanical Engineering was, in my mind, the closest practical application of physics. And I got to be creative: design and fix things. I did that for 10 years, and I loved it!

At some point, I realized that the physical world is not all there is; it is only a tiny part of what we call reality. I realized that the best way to understand reality is through our minds. Consciousness is the key. I found consciousness to be much more exciting and interesting than physics. When I discovered how powerful our minds were, I knew I had to share that with others.

As a hypnotist, I have the same attitude as when I was an engineer. My goal is to get measurable, tangible results. I understand the importance of building a solid foundation to ensure that whatever changes you make will be long-lasting.

I am your person if you are up to doing real work rather than looking for a superficial, temporary fix. That doesn’t mean that it has to take a long time. It means you must be ready to dive in and face your issues.

You can use your innate power to make positive and lasting changes. I love teaching people how to do that. You can learn how to use your mind to heal yourself, grow and improve your life on many levels.

If this appeals to you, contact me or make an appointment. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • I am a graduate of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, where I completed 500 hours of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training. I am certified as a Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (IBH # F0411-089).

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