Why Hypnotherapy for Back Pain Works

 Hypnotherapy is successfully used for treatment of back pain.

If you try hypnotherapy for back pain relief you will find that hypnosis not only reduces the intensity of back pain, but in certain circumstances is able to completely heal it.

Hypnosis creates a mental state in which the subconscious mind can more easily receive suggestions. The client is brought to a state of deep relaxation and then the mind is told how to respond to pain messages. It is also possible to use self hypnosis over time to reduce pain and become more relaxed.

However, it is important to be aware that sometimes pain is giving you a message that something is wrong. Eliminating the pain without discovering its cause is unwise. It is therefore important to get a diagnosis of the cause of the back pain. Once you are able to discover the cause, you can then safely deal with the pain.

Hypnosis is a safe approach to pain relief.

In a hypnotic state you are keenly aware of what you are hearing even though you are very relaxed and your brainwaves have slowed to alpha state. Hypnosis for back pain is able to address both physical and mental causes of pain and train the mind and body to appropriately respond to the pain messages.

Whereas medication blocks the ability of the body to feel pain for a brief period, hypnosis can actually lower the intensity of the pain as well as the number of pain events.

Under hypnosis you can program your brain to release endorphins when needed to alleviate pain in any part of the body. Endorphins are like opiates (painkillers) and are naturally produced in the brain. Athletes produce these brain chemicals during intense workouts and experience feelings of euphoria.

These endorphins can produce a mild anesthesia or a full anesthesia. In fact, throughout history (and even in modern times) surgery has been done on people using hypnosis instead of chemical anesthesia.

There are three basic ways that hypnosis can help with back pain.

  • Firstly, hypnotherapy for back pain can give suggestions directly to the subconscious to influence perception of pain. This means that even though the pain is still there you do not experience it.
  • Secondly, it can produce endorphins to anesthetize the area of pain so that you don’t feel it.
  • Finally, hypnosis can uncover emotional causes of pain and provide a way to heal them which can lead to permanent healing.

Hypnotherapy for back pain is safe and natural. It will immediately provide relaxation benefits and improve sleep; in the longer term it will significantly improve back pain and in fact may eliminate it altogether.

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