How Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Work


Countless people benefit from hypnotherapy every day. It’s a fast, painless and effective way of enhancing the quality of life. But how does it work?

In hypnosis, I use several hypnosis techniques, like regression and analytical hypnotherapy to dismantle negative limiting beliefs. Then I use suggestion therapy to replace those limiting ideas with positive empowering ideas.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and focused concentration. It’s the state we call daydreaming, or the one you enter every time you watch a movie or your favorite TV show. A hypnotherapist uses techniques to get you into that state of focused attention, and then gives your subconscious mind suggestions for change.

The subconscious mind can be thought of as a storage place of memories that include everything that ever happened to you. It remembers every experience, every word you have ever spoken or heard, and every emotion you have ever had, and it has thousands of times more storage capacity than any computer.

It prioritizes storage relative to the emotional intensity of an event. Memories of fear and pain are high priority. Love and joy are lower priority. It is a survival-mind.

It is also responsible for controlling the health and function of every organ and cell in your body. All habits and automatic thought patterns are controlled by the subconscious mind.

It is estimated that about 90 percent of our mind functions occur in the subconscious mind. The other 10 percent occur in our conscious mind.

Throughout the course of your life, your subconscious mind stores different beliefs that you accept about yourself and the world. Some of them are positive empowering beliefs, and others are negative limiting beliefs.

The conscious mind draws on the information in the subconscious mind to make decisions and exercise free will. When you consciously decide to make a change, you do so using your conscious mind.

The fact that the conscious mind is only about 10 percent of your entire mind, explains why it is so hard sometimes to follow through with a decision to change. Since hypnosis works directly on the subconscious level of your mind (the other 90 percent), it makes change so much easier and faster.

Hypnosis is known to be one of the oldest and most natural modes of healing.

It is considered a very effective and safe procedure in psychotherapy. In 1892, British research already showed that hypnosis is effective in pain relief and reducing psychosomatic complaints and anxiety disorders. Throughout the years these findings have been confirmed by many other surveys and experiments.

There are several techniques that can improve the outcome of hypnotherapy.

In my practice I also use the following tool to enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis:

If you are motivated to improve in any way, then hypnotherapy will make your life better!

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