Mandela Effect Explanation

Are you looking for the cause of the Mandela Effect?

One way to receive answers to various questions, like the Mandela Effect, or questions about the nature of reality, is through past life regressions. In the hypnosis session, the person is guided to a past life that is relevant to the topic of discussion. After that life is explored, the person’s Higher-self provides explanations.

I conducted past life regressions with two different people in order to receive information about the Mandela Effect. One of them is Ben from my book Live, Die, and Take Notes. The name of the other person is Chris.

Here are links to transcripts with relevant information from the sessions.

Past Life Regression with Chris

Past Life Regression with Ben

Here is a summery of what they came up with, separately, in their sessions:

Mandela Effect Explanation

  • We are spiritual beings having a physical experience on planet Earth. The physical reality that we live in is one of an infinite number of construct realities, where we get to have different experiences. An analogy for that is a video game. Some refer to it as a simulation. All physical realities can be described as simulations, or constructs to have experiences in.
  • Every construct reality is fluid and reciprocal. The nature of reality changes based on the nature of one’s consciousness or what is going on in the collective consciousness on the planet. Our collective consciousness changes the construct reality, including physical matter and the past. The past is not set in stone.
  • There is an evolution of consciousness in some of the beings on Earth, and there is a devolving of consciousness in the others. It’s causing a rift in the nature of construct reality, and that rift is getting bigger. Reality reconstitutes itself in a different way to express that rift in real time, and people are becoming aware of it.
  • The violence against people and animals on Earth is destroying consciousness and creating an imbalance, which in turn is creating contradictions within reality.
  • Those Changes, or contradictions, have always occurred. Years ago, when there were less people on the planet, it took generations for some impact to show up. But now that there is a mass volume of people on the planet, there is more aggregate consciousness that can change the process of physical reality on the planet than at any other time in Earth history.