Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy gives you a positive outlook on life

Does hypnotherapy work? It’s one of the most common questions a hypnotherapist is asked. The answer is yes, and plenty of scientific research has been done to support this.

Hypnosis is a viable therapeutic technique that addresses the subconscious mind. As with any therapy, it will work better for some than others, although many will find value in trying hypnotherapy, especially if they are motivated to get the desired results.

How does hypnotherapy work?

When you are hypnotized you are in an altered state of mind, rather like daydreaming. You are fully conscious, in a focused way that allows you to access your subconscious. The hypnotherapist is there to guide you into that state of mind, and to offer suggestions to your subconscious mind. That will help you achieve your goals, whether they are, to lose weight, stop smoking, get over your claustrophobia, or other issues. These goals will be discussed between you and the hypnotherapist before the session.

While it has taken centuries for hypnotherapy to regain credibility with the medical profession, after being debunked by a commission put together by King Louis the XIV of France in 1784, today it is being used frequently.

More than 6,000 articles have been published about hypnosis in medical and psychological journals and many have reported excellent results, even those that initially showed skepticism. Phobias, insomnia, weight loss, addictions, stress and anxiety, and even pain and discomfort, are successfully treated every day using hypnotherapy. Some researchers are even using it to understand how our brains work, especially how we respond to pain.

The Mayo Clinic is a non-profit medical practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illness. It has done several studies that show hypnotherapy to be very helpful in a number of situations. They found that hypnotherapy works best with clients who are highly motivated. An example would be someone who wants to quit smoking. Hypnotherapists see hundreds of people a year for this issue, and many report a strong success rate (as high as 80-90%).

Phobias are another area where hypnotherapy is highly successful. Hypnotherapy can help a client replace their fear with feelings of success, so when they are faced with the fearful situation again, those feelings of success are triggered instead.

Does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

Some people are concerned they can’t be hypnotized. In most cases there’s nothing to worry about. Already in the late 1950s, researchers of Stanford University learned through subsequent studies that any person with normal intelligence can be hypnotized.

Studies on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy show that people who are good subjects for hypnosis are active problem-solvers. By learning how to move in and out of the hypnotic state, these clients are learning an effective method to resolve issues that may have been completely debilitating before they tried hypnotherapy.


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