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Find out how you can benefit from a past life regression regardless if you believe in reincarnation or not. Countless people have been regressed to what they believe was a past life. During the process, relevant information to their present life is uncovered. If your goal is to gain more insights about your current life, then past life regression hypnosis session can help you do that. It may also provide an opportunity to expand your spiritual understanding and connect with your higher self or any guidance that is available to you. If you are interested in spiritual hypnosis, then a regression to a past life is one way to experience that.

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Alan ParkerAlan Parker
02:15 27 Dec 21
Anat has a knack for helping get to the core of an issue and effectively working on it. I recommend her highly!
Tough As NailsTough As Nails
12:17 22 May 21
I have been a client of Anat for almost a year now and have had several Past Life Regression sessions. My last session was extremely therapeutic for stress I was having from my job. Both of my daughters have also been to her for hypnotherapy with successful results. Would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Anat as she is an expert in her field.
Alexis DowlingAlexis Dowling
13:29 21 May 21
Profound! Amazing! Life changing!I’ve had the pleasure of having 2 sessions with Anat and they were both incredible. My first was a past life regression, and my second session was QHHT. Both experiences were absolutely amazing and I received some wonderful information. Anat is such a talented guide through the experiences and helped me navigate these worlds. I highly recommend Higher Choice Hypnosis! Anat is wonderful!
Norah RashidNorah Rashid
21:00 17 Jul 19
Anat is amazing. What she helped me achieve through her practices saved me from years of traditional counseling. Her techniques literally solved a lifetime of repetitive patterns that were debilitating my progress (financially, spiritually, professionally). I am learning to love life and myself again.. My children have also benefited from my progress from Anats work on me.I am advocate of having such healing implemented into our schools and work places. MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than Traditional couseling and results in much less time.
Chris MontoyaChris Montoya
15:13 07 Nov 18
Thank you Anat for the progress and work we’ve done together! You’ve helped me overcome some really big personal, professional and spiritual issues I’ve been struggling with for a long time and I’m moving fast forward into a life with more perspective, choice and possibilities I’ve never seen before!In fact, it’s your openness, your ability to navigate and help me zoom into the real issues and challenges that has helped me the most in working with you. I love that you have a strong focused analytical mind, patient demeanor and up to explore whatever comes up with an open mind and without judgment which is very important to me.What really surprised me about our work together is that I’ve overcome subconscious blocks in my earning ability, increased my self-worth and I’m now setting better personal goals and boundaries to have a better life - those are things we didn’t deal with directly, so I feel like I’ve received so many extra gifts from your services.I know you are doing great work for people in Albuquerque and I wish you continued success and healing you provide to clients!

What is past life regression?

In a past life regression, an altered state of consciousness is induced using hypnosis techniques. The person is then guided to relive experiences from past lives. The idea is that we all have a part of us that remembers our experiences in different incarnations. For most people, the conscious mind only remembers experiences from their current lives. In order to remember a past life, a different state of awareness has to be experienced. In an altered state, deeper parts of consciousness become more accessible and memories from different incarnations can be recalled. The awareness of the current life might still be present to varying degrees and affect the perception and interpretation of past life information. The person going through a recollection of a past life, experiences the events and information mostly through the perspective of the conscious- ness he identifies with at the time.

Your subconscious mind will present you with the relevant information and with the appropriate interpretation, so that you can make the best of it. The subconscious mind is a powerful ally. It will present you with a story that is relevant to your goal. Whether that story is a past life or perhaps a metaphor, you can decide for yourself.
Either way, the experience is always interesting and fruitful.

Thousands of people have resolved major issues by understanding their own past lives, or what their subconscious mind presented as past lives.

The goals of past life regression sessions:

Discover past life events that influence your current life beliefs and fears. Process what is uncovered and use that information to evolve and heal.
The idea is not just to remember drama from the past, but to learn from it and grow. A past life regression can help you take positive actions to resolve personal issues.

It is not the goal of a past life regression to prove that reincarnation exists. I conduct past life hypnotherapy sessions in order to help my clients gain new understandings and resolve issues. If you do not believe that this specific type of session can benefit you, then there are other hypnosis techniques that would probably suit you better.

How to prepare for a past life regression session:

  • Spend some time thinking about your goal and what you would like to get out of the session.
  • Eliminate or limit caffeine intake the day of your session. The less the better.
  • Refrain from Alcohol 24 hours prior to the session.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Your session will be audio-recorded. You may remember some, all or nothing of your session. Listening to the recording is helpful to process and assimilate the information that comes up in the session.
  •  Your session is private. To avoid distractions and in order for you to feel safe, no one else is allowed in your session. After the session, you may play the recording or share the experience with other people if you like.

A more extensive past life regression session is Dolores Cannon’s QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). Find out about it here.

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Past life regression

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“LIVE, DIE, AND TAKE NOTES is an excellent way to study and vicariously experience past life regressions with the aid of an experienced hypnotherapist as your guide. Readers who are fascinated by or even just curious about this topic should put this book at the top of their reading list. It’s doubtful they’ll be able to put the book down once they start the journey. Weinstein is uniquely qualified to write this book. The reader can trust this author. Inside, the reader will be taken on many journeys of past lives. The author makes sense of the journeys by including lessons learned, and giving the reader the chance to contemplate and study the events. Readers will leave this book more knowledgeable and will hopefully live even better lives. Kudos to this author.”  — Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Have you ever wondered about the true purpose of life?

Why are we here on Earth?

A desire to find answers to these questions prompted hypnotherapist Anat Weinstein to explore past life regression through hypnosis. Over the course of five years, numerous sessions revealed a rich tapestry of existences for one soul who has experienced not only various lives on Earth, but also other worlds and realms.

The sessions introduce a concept of a world where the roles of villains and victims are temporary and alternating, and souls canlearn valuable lessons from the different perspectives.

Each unique encounter explores a new set of experiences, offering the reader an expansion in awareness that brings about relief from shame, guilt and anger. Gaining a deeper understanding of consciousness sets in motion a process that takes the sting out of life’s bites. The realization that our true essence is eternal and indestructible provides a sense of much needed comfort and hope.

Live, Die, and Take Notes is an invitation to learn eternal and universal truths that will forever alter the way you perceive yourself and the journey called life.

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